Mobility in France


Everyone met in France to work on the first theme of the project: EATING HABITS.

Arrival of teams at the airport:

  • The Croatian team
  • The Italian team :
  • The Romanian team :
  • And the Turkish team:

Day 1

After the first night at the hotel, we all went to the high school where we met the headmaster, Mr. Fauquette, for a welcome ceremony at the school restaurant.

After sharing some breakfast specialties brought by each partner, French students gave a guided tour of the Paul Hazard high school in small multinational groups.

Then, the students got to know each other through ice-breaking activities.

The French students presented the exhibition about health and food in the school library, lent by the Lille Hospital Museum :

In the afternoon, the French students presented their exhibition about food and nutrition

And we started planning the general outline of the handbook which we wanted to create during the mobility, with traditional and healthy recipes of partner countries.

Day 2

We started with a visit to the vocational high school « Ile de Flandre » in Armentières, guided by Mr. Nicolas Douilly, Deputy Director of Vocational and Technological Training, with particularly a presentation on French gastronomy and nutritional rules.

Then we visited the city of Armentières with Mr. Hans Landler, president of the association Les Amis de la Cité de la Toile, who kindly guided us and illuminated us with his vast knowledge of the city’s history.

In the afternoon, each team presented their country, city, and high school, and we shared information about culinary habits in each country.

Day 3

Today, we visited Lille and its Christmas market, guided by the French students :

At lunchtime, we gathered at the « Mon Père » restaurant on Rue d’Amiens for a presentation on gastronomy and the importance of choosing local seasonal products. Then, we enjoyed the meal prepared by Jean-Charles, the chef.

The end of the day was free to explore the city of Lille further.

Day 4

Mr. Viennet, a PE teacher, offered an initiation session to climbing in the sports hall.

Then the multinational teams divided up the topics selected for the recipe book, and each group started working on a part of the book.

Day 5

The teams continued to work on the recipe book and then formatted it in the computer room.

You can download the result of the students’ work here :  the European Diet handbook 

After a final presentation of the handbook to all the partners, we had time for a  game before doing the evaluation of the mobility and a brief presentation about the 2nd mobility in Turkey

We finished this wonderful week with a farewell dinner at the Restaurant L’Atelier de Mademoiselle in Armentières :

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