How it all started

in 2019, the five schools started an e-twinning project, with activities to be carried out in order to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles for high school students.The main themes of the project will be to ensure a balanced diet, a more active lifestyle, being more energetic, being optimistic, avoiding stress and bad habits.

In each school, a project board was created to present the project to all the students. 

Each school made surveys to assess the needs of their students : we found that many of them ate too much junk food in their snacks

 and didn’t get much information about healthy diet at school.

They also didn’t practice a lot of sport and were addicted to their phones. 

It was time to encourage new habits !

A group of students was selected in each school and they introduced themselves to each other on the dedicated platform : the “Twinspace”

With a lot of online meetings, they got to know each other a bit more, and they also compared some of their habits concerning sport or food.

Then the work really started, with research about the importance of sport

the effects of food on our health

the risks of addictions

and the way viruses spread in our environment:

The Croatian team created a short video about spreading contagious diseases in school as a result of bad habits : 

It was almost prophetic! The COVID crisis arrived shortly thereafter, and our Erasmus project, which was just beginning, was delayed by a year.

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