2020 – 2021 : the year of Covid

the Erasmus project has started ! 

First, we created banners to present the project in our schools :

Then an “Erasmus corner” to put information about the project’s news :

The students made logos for the project, and all of them voted for the best logo.

Some of them were really good : 

and the winner was … you know our logo ! It’s everywhere on our project publications now ! 

Congratulations to the team of students who really encapsulated the spirit of our project in such a clear and impactful way :

and then we met on many occasions … but remotely !  (and with our facemasks on)

4 December 2020

we sang and exchanged Christmas wishes:

singing Christmas songs

24 February 2021

In March and April 2021, the students had online meetings to prepare multinational presentations about the 5 topics : it was complicated to organise but they managed to make wonderful presentations.  Each team prepared a slideshow which they shared to all the partners, and commented live during the videoconferences – all this while being in different countries of course !   The teachers were really impressed !  Good work, all of you !

videoconference 30th April 2021

videoconference 7th May 2021

videoconference 21st May 2021

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